Our new loyalty program called THE TRIBE has arrived.

It replaces the Frequent Diner’s Club, and you have until 30 December 2016 to activate your card and transfer to keep your current membership benefits. All cashback credit earned as an FDC member must be used by 30 December 2016.

THE TRIBE is an easier way for you to receive and redeem all the great benefits you currently do, plus some new ones. Accessed via the Ribs and Rumps App, there’s no longer any need to carry your membership card around with you.

Download the App to join The Tribe and transfer your membership today!

*The Fine Print

Any Rewards earned under FDC membership will expire on 30 December 2016. Members of FDC have until 30 December to use their Rewards and transfer their existing membership earn benefit rate to The Tribe. New credit on The Tribe app will have a 6-month expiry. The Meat Your Match Challenge benefit will no longer be available with the new THE TRIBE loyalty program.

You can login with your card number or your registered email address.

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